A Peacock Suit


In 1966 London was starting to get into full swing and more ostentatious suit styles were being worn.

Napoleon & Regency double breasted high collar suits were first seen, in velvets, bold pinstripes and later brocades!

In those days if you dressed to impress, you were a ‘Lady’s Man’, but the camper the style the better!

The lapels on the dandy’s suits became larger as the 60’s got to the latter stages.

The dandy and psychedelic styles caused a reaction amongst the younger brothers of the original mods, who did not want an ostentatious look.

A reaction started in East and Northeast London around late '66 and was known as the ‘hard mod’ look, with lapels getting smaller again and suits in burgundy or deep green tonik worn with chunky American brogues and loafers.

By 1967, the West End swung and hippydom and psychedelic styles took hold of the middle and upper classes, making the kings road fashionable. In the east, hard mods had morphed into the original skinheads, with the suit styles as above but with more and more detail, such as 3 or more graduating pockets and 7 or more buttons on the cuffs, slim trousers worn 3” to 4” above the ankle worn with boots.

By the end of the 60’s and start of the 70’s skinheads had morphed again into the longer haired, sideparted suede heads.

They might have looked intimidating, but boy they were sharp. Prince of Wales on double breasted jackets were all the rage again.


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